photographer / painter


Sergio FR was born in Mexico . Currently , he works and lives in Texas . Sergio has always had a passion for art .

He studied technical drawing at Inst. Tech. Laguna , where he studied engineering .

Sergio is a self-taught artist . In 2012 , he started to take photographs of buildings , structures (Architecture) and street photography .

Besides photography , he creates paintings based on his drawings and some photographs .

He receives inspiration from cool-aesthetics ( intensity and coherence ) ; shape and taste are essential for him , it is a visual pleasure .

He always has a thrill to work on canvas . Sergio wants to create something special . !!!


The main reason I make art is to show my perspectives . My main media are photography and painting .

I develop my paintings that speak to me and hope to others .

The greatest joy for me is geometry ( the structure ; recognition of an order )

I use my drawings and some photographs as a visual resource to create alternative perspective within the space .

Lines ( shapes ) and colorful strokes are my main focus points to find cool-aesthetics ( intensity and coherence ) and taste are my main concerns.

After , perfecting my work and obtaining the final prototype drawing , which i will then put on a canvas .

With every finished work , I try to breathe life and energy to any space . !!!